A Guide To Standard Kitchen Cabinet Depths

By | December 17, 2022

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When planning a kitchen remodel or installation, one of the most important decisions is the depth of the kitchen cabinets. Standard kitchen cabinet depths vary depending on the type of cabinet and its intended purpose. In this guide, we’ll discuss the standard kitchen cabinet depths and outline the various types of cabinets and their depths.

The standard depth of a base kitchen cabinet is 24 inches. This depth is designed to accommodate most standard-sized appliances, including microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers. Wall cabinets are typically 12 inches deep. This shallower depth makes them ideal for storing dishes, glasses, and other items that don’t require a lot of space.

In addition to standard cabinets, there are also specialty cabinets that have unique depths. For example, pantry cabinets are typically 24 inches deep to accommodate larger items such as cereal boxes, canned goods, and other bulk items. Similarly, tall cabinets, which are usually 84 inches tall, are typically 12 to 18 inches deep.

The depth of cabinets can also vary depending on the style of the cabinet. For example, some cabinets feature a shallow depth of 12 inches, while others feature a deeper depth of 24 inches. Additionally, some cabinets feature a pull-out shelf that can be used to store items such as spices, canned goods, and other items that don’t take up a lot of space.

Finally, it’s important to note that cabinets can be customized to fit your space and needs. If you need deeper cabinets for larger items, you can have custom cabinets made to fit your space. Similarly, you can opt for shallower cabinets if you don’t need the extra space.

When planning a kitchen remodel or installation, understanding the standard kitchen cabinet depths can help you make the best decisions for your space. While the standard depths can provide a good starting point, it’s important to keep in mind that cabinets can be customized to fit your needs.

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