Creating A Serene Country White Kitchen

By | June 5, 2023

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When envisioning a classic country kitchen, many homeowners immediately think of whites and creams. White kitchen cabinets, though often quite plain, provide a sturdy and timeless backdrop for a kitchen that has a homey, comforting feel. By adding a few other design elements, a country kitchen can become a serene, calming retreat.

Start the process by selecting kitchen cabinets that will provide the foundation for the rest of the room. White kitchen cabinets provide a neutral base that can be used to build a room that is both inviting and timeless. Look for cabinets with ornate moldings or subtle distressing to add character to the room. Consider using simple hardware that will help the cabinets blend in with the rest of the room.

Once you have the cabinetry in place, it’s time to consider color. While white is the obvious choice, a touch of color can take an all-white kitchen from uninspired to daring. For a more classic country look, opt for muted blues and greens, such as pale aqua or sage. These colors are simple, but provide just enough contrast to keep the room from becoming too stark. If a bolder look is desired, consider bright yellows or oranges.

To create a truly inviting atmosphere, introduce a few natural elements into the room. A wooden table can provide a much-needed warmth that white alone cannot. A small bouquet of fresh flowers can add a splash of color and a touch of nature to the room. For a more rustic feel, hang a few bunches of dried herbs or wheat in an empty corner. These items can help to create a warm, inviting space that is far from sterile.

Finally, accessorize the room with a few vintage items. An old clock can add a touch of nostalgia, while a few well-placed pieces of pottery can tie the room together. Choose these pieces carefully, as they can help the room become a cozy, inviting space that will be a pleasure to come home to.

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